Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Hennessy, Boe & Gondring, P.A. – Kansas City Corporate Law Attorneys

The attorneys of Hennessy, Boe & Gondring, P.A. help their business clients navigate every stage of a business’ life, from start-up and formation to winding down.  Businesses can protect themselves from litigation down the road by having high-quality written policies.  By following lawful procedures, businesses protect themselves and their employees.  Our practice helps to create the flexibility businesses need to grow and be successful.  The expertise we provide simplifies the often complex laws governing every aspect of business.  From business-to-business sales and project financing to corporate reorganization and disillusion, our attorneys help businesses increase their profitability while protecting their employees.  We can help you negotiate, structure, and document a complete package of possible transactions with corporate partners, developers, distributors, and other business partners at more competitive rates than larger, less-flexible coastal firms.  Further, our expertise in corporate law means that we can draft, negotiate, modify, or help terminate business agreements while maintaining corporate reputations and branding.   Our attorneys know which standard provisions are essential to protecting your business, and which sections of your contract need not be a part of your agreement.  Even more, we assist businesses in identifying obligations under existing contracts and can list businesses’ rights and obligations in plain English so your organization can make the best plan for your business needs.  Among the most regulated of all areas of practice, our attorneys are experts in navigating the complex requirements of the SEC and making sure that business now all of the best options available to them in planning their cash flow and retirement plans.  Our attorneys counsel clients in a variety of circumstances and provide a variety of services including:


Business Entity Formation: Incorporation & Organization

Asset/Stock Purchase & Sales and associated agreements

Corporate Governance

Corporate Dissolution

Protection of Intellectual Property


Mergers and Acquisitions

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Employment Issues

The Hiring Process

Employment Agreements

Professional and Executive Employment Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Restrictive Covenants

Confidentiality/ Non-Disclosure Agreements


Development of Technology

License Agreements

Lease Agreements


Sale Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements


Business Entity Dissolution